Your steel
  in good hands.

Who we are

Corrosion protection is a matter of trust.

. Only the careful execution of all the process steps guarantees a lasting result. This why the Wiegel corrosion protection team protects your steel not only with outstanding process quality. Also all the associated services are executed with the same care: From the commissioning to the fine cleaning through to the thread cleaning, from the pre-assembly to special packaging (e.g. overseas) through to the preservation, e.g. white rust protection.

Personal. Direct. Straightforward.

Personal. Direct. Straightforward. For more than 70 years, the family business founded by Hans Wiegel back in 1948 in Franconia, Germany, has stood for predictability, reliability and quality craftsmanship. Through to this day, flair, craftsmanship and care are afforded top priority.

Even as a pan-European group of companies,

Wiegel has not become an anonymous corporation. After all, at Wiegel, you always get to talk with competent professionals on site – in personal and straightforward terms.

Your steel in good hands.