Your steel
  in good hands.

Lattice tower construction

Tailor-made steel lattice towers

for power supply, telecommunications, wind power and infrastructure technology. Many years of experience, sound know-how and utmost precision have made Wiegel Parey a leading manufacturer of steel lattice towers in Europe.


maximum functional reliability is required, Wiegel lattice towers are first choice. Proven expertise in angle steel processing and lattice tower fabrication, coupled with a TÜV-certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and the manufacturer qualification for welding steel structures, guarantees that the quality requirements are reliably met.

From CAD-assisted design

through to the latest welding and assembly technology, state-of-the-art technical equipment ensures a consistently high level of quality.

Wiegel Parey’s service portfolio

ranges from project management to the implementation of all the necessary construction work through to the assembly and the sourcing of accessories. By offering the production of turn-key installations, Wiegel can effectively lighten its customers’ workload.

Wiegel also assists you with the maintenance

and repair. Wiegel’s comprehensive services range from object inspection with condition reporting covering the maintenance and repair of the outdoor installations, the containers, the foundations and the towers through to the final documentation.

Steel lattice towers for high and medium high-voltage services

  • Towers for 110 kV to 380 kV high-voltage lines
  • Towers for 20 kV medium high-voltage lines
  • Traction current lines and catenary supports

Transformer substations

  • Stations in lattice tower and solid designs

Radio towers in lattice tower design

  • Scale factors from 8 to 84 m, variable assignment options

Advertising towers

Wind power masts

Traffic engineering

  • Noise barriers and equipment for the protection and shielding of traffic routes.

Your steel in good hands.