Your steel
  in good hands.

The hot-dip galvaniser

Nothing protects your steel better,

more durably and permanently against rust. This is why Wiegel hot-dip galvanising is always the first choice when it comes to efficient corrosion protection.

The liquid zinc combines inseparably

in the 450 °C hot molten bath with the steel to be protected. The solid, metallic zinc coating seals the entire surface of the workpiece completely with a plating thickness of around 50 to 150 µm. Also all the surfaces in the cavities are completely protected.

Due to the metallurgical reaction

between the zinc and steel (FeZn alloy), hot-dip galvanising is the only technique that provides perma­nent effective protection against subsurface corrosion and, with its cathodic protection, is even capable of sealing minor damages.

At the same time, the metallic appearance

of the steel is retained just as distinctively as its surface structure. Depending on the particular steel used, the plating appears lighter or darker, shinier or duller, with the typical zinc spangle pattern or almost without any pattern.

Regardless of how sophisticated the component

or workpiece is, the ideal system can always be found within the Wiegel group. For small parts that exact particularly high requirements with regard to fitting accuracy, e.g. the technique of centrifugal galvanising. And, by using the Wiegel Zinkon® technique, we also prevent patina formation, i.e. the darkening of the zinc coating. Wiegel Zinkon® helps to preserve the shine of freshly galvanised surfaces for many years.

Your steel in good hands.