Your steel
  in good hands.

Easy-to-understand price system

Honest, transparent and easy to understand.

At Wiegel, you always receive a customised offer tailored precisely to your component and workpiece. In other words, we do not restrict ourselves to specifying prices in kilos, but always take your particular situation into account, including all the preparatory and finishing stages, transport, commissioning, etc.

Always the right solution.

Take advantage of our experience. As early as in the design and preparatory stages, alternatives can often be found that help you to avoid unnecessary expense and, consequently, to save costs. Your local Wiegel contact is looking forward to hearing from you.

The price of zinc in focus.

The commodity price for zinc is a key factor in calculating the price of hot-dip galvanising and, over time, is subject to major fluctuations. Under the navigation item "Zink price", you will find a regularly updated graphic representation of the development in the price of zinc.

Your steel in good hands.