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  in good hands.

Sustainability and environmental protection

Winners of awards for environmental protection and sustainability.

Did you know that Wiegel was the first hot-galvaniser to be awarded environmental prizes? As far back as 1991, Wiegel was awarded the environmental prize of the city of Nuremberg and in 1994 was awarded the Bavarian state medal for environmental protection.

Minimising environmental pollution

and energy consumption with state-of-the-art systems. Hot-dip galvanising is the most durable and environmentally friendly method of corrosion protection. With closed material cycles and state-of-the-art filter technology, Wiegel ensures that also during production the environmental burden is minimised and that the energy is used efficiently.

Wiegel is proud of

not only using the most sustainable and environmentally friendly processing plants and processes, but with hot-dip galvanising that it also specialises in the most durable and environmentally compatible method of corrosion protection. And Wiegel lives up to this standard not only in a few showcase plants. The Wiegel standards for sustainability and environmental protection apply without exception at all the sites and in all the countries it operates.

Your steel in good hands.